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Bridging The Gap Between Academics and Athletics

Statement of Low Costs

In recent years, the cost of attending a post graduate institute has soared.
At TVPSA, we keep this fact in mind at all times. While other programs are raising tuition fees, TVPSA is committed to going in the opposite direction by providing an awesome experience at minimal cost.

We know how hard the average family works to earn enough money to finance their children's post graduate needs. Every dollar counts. Because of this, we've worked very hard to come up with a model that allows you to meet those needs, as well as allowing us to offer our athletes a great opportunity to increase their recruiting exposure and optimize their college choices.

Our tuition fees are comparably lower than many prep programs in the nation. We encourage you to do your homework...check out other programs and what they offer. In the end, you will realize that, dollar for dollar, TVPSA offers an experience second to none at an incredibly manageable cost.

List of Fees
TVPSA Tuition (Participation Fee) $5,500

The TVPSA Tuition (Participation Fee) does not include the enrollment and administrative fee. Please note that the TVPSA Tuition (Participation Fee) is a separate cost from Calhoun Community College tuition. Please refer to Calhoun's website for tuition information.

The above amounts also include the following:
     - NCAA Approved Courses
     - SAT/ACT Prep Course and Materials
     - Athletic Fees/Equipment/Uniforms/Transportation
     - Strictly Monitored Strength And Conditioning Program
     - NCAA Clearance Evaluation - (Registration not included)
     - Recruiting Promotion
     - Development of Highlight Video

Other Fees Not Included in tuition:
Enrollment Fee (Due Within 3 Weeks Of Acceptance): $500.00*
Administration fees $300

Once accepted at TVPSA, parents will be asked to confirm the acceptance within 3 weeks by forwarding enrollment fee to secure spot in class or acceptance will be vacated as spots are limited.

*All application fees and tuition payments are NON REFUNDABLE!

Not Included and Needed
     - NCAA Clearinghouse Registration
     - Laptop Computer with Wireless Capability
     - Black Cleats/Turf Shoes
     - Individual Health Insurance

**Limited Financial Aid is also available