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Bridging The Gap Between Academics and Athletics
Code of Conduct
Welcome to Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy and congratulations on your choice to participate as a member of our outstanding athletic program. Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy consists of a proud successful group of student athletes led by committed and knowledgeable coaches.

The Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy Athletic Code of Conduct was developed so that student athletes and their parents may understand important information relating to athletic participation at Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy.

Participation at Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy is a privilege. With this privilege come certain responsibilities. Student athletes represent Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy in the classroom, in the athletic arena, and in the community. The athletic Code of Conduct is in effect 365 days of the year, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.

Student Code of Conduct set forth the expectations of students as members of Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy.

This code applies to behavior on school property and at all Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academysponsored activities held off campus. Each student shall be responsible for his conduct.

The Athletic Department has established a standard for behavior for all student athletes participating in sports which emphasize the importance of sportsmanship, appropriate conduct, and responsibilities that each athlete must accept when representing Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy.

It is the intention of Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy to achieve a level of behavior which reflects the school. This requires a commitment from each student athlete. In addition to the following rules specific team policies may be established which compliment overall departmental goals. The violation of a team or department rules, policies, or regulations may carry a penalty ranging from a temporary suspension, too removal from the team.

As a member of an athletic team, you represent the athletic department of Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy. All team members will conduct themselves in a respectful manner at all times, on and off campus.

As a member of Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy athletic teams you are expected to exhibit outstanding sportsmanship and encourage teammates to do likewise.

As a member of Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy athletic team you will obey all rules and regulations established by the junior college you attend, its department of athletics and the NCAA.

If a student is arrested it will be treated seriously by the Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy. Immediate suspension from the team is a possibility as well as other disciplinary action until all legal aspects of the matter in question have been resolved.

Team members will follow all academic procedures established by the college and team rules with regard to academic expectations.

On a team trip, or at any team related function, team members are prohibited from consuming alcohol products, tobacco, or using any illegal drugs. This includes travel to and from an event and any time the team is together in an official capacity.

It is expected that all student athletes will conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times. As stated in the NCAA manual, unethical conduct includes fraudulence in connection with entrance or placement, engaging in athletic competition under an assumed name, dishonesty in evading or violating NCAA regulations, or knowingly furnishing Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy with false information.

Student athletes are expected to attend all academic classes. In the event a practice session conflicts with a class students must attend the class session. In the event an athletic contest conflicts with a class the student is expected to inform the faculty member of the conflict at least two day's in advance, and, if possible, negotiate terms for missing the class in question.

As an athletic participant its is vital that you check your health insurance status to be certain that you have medical insurance Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy does not provide insurance nor will be held responsible for injuries assumed by the student athlete.