Enrollment for the 2018-19 Academic Year is officially underway. Please contact us for additional information
Bridging The Gap Between Academics and Athletics
Code of Conduct

Application Process

Once you or your legal guardian have decided to attend Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy, you will need to complete step one of the admissions process listed below:

Your application packet must include the following:

a) Download and complete the 2014-2015 Student Application

2014 Student Application
b) A copy of your high school transcripts,
c) Documentation showing any SAT/ACT tests results,
d) Highlight tape,
e) 2 Letters of Recommendations
f) A $50.00 application fee money order. (FEE WAIVERS ARE NOT ACCEPTED)


After you have gathered all the required items from above please mail it to:

Tennessee Prep Sports Academy Inc.

***Once your application packet is received admissions will assess your academic situation and the athletic department will assess your athletic situation. Someone will contact you to discuss your options and schedule a visit***

Once you have been accepted by admissions, you will receive an Acceptance Packet with a Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy Acceptance Letter, a Letter of Intent (LOI), and additional documents. To secure your roster spot the $500.00 enrollment deposit and completed documents must be mailed back to Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy.

After we receive your completed LOI, Financial/Refund Contract, and enrollment deposit your roster spot will be guaranteed. The program director will contact you to complete your enrollment to the 2016 fall semester. The FINANCIALLY RESPONSIBLE PARTY will be required to complete and return all paperwork immediately to prevent loss of roster spot.

Click on the Apply Now button and fill out the application and pay the application fee and Submit.

On a team trip, or at any team related function, team members are prohibited from consuming alcohol products, tobacco, or using any illegal drugs. This includes travel to and from an event and any time the team is together in an official capacity.

It is expected that all student athletes will conduct themselves in an ethical manner at all times. As stated in the NCAA manual, unethical conduct includes fraudulence in connection with entrance or placement, engaging in athletic competition under an assumed name, dishonesty in evading or violating NCAA regulations, or knowingly furnishing Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy with false information.

Student athletes are expected to attend all academic classes. In the event a practice session conflicts with a class students must attend the class session. In the event an athletic contest conflicts with a class the student is expected to inform the faculty member of the conflict at least two day's in advance, and, if possible, negotiate terms for missing the class in question.

As an athletic participant its is vital that you check your health insurance status to be certain that you have medical insurance Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy does not provide insurance nor will be held responsible for injuries assumed by the student athlete.