2016 Combine May 21, 2016 at Braham Springs Park Football Field from 9am-12pm
Bridging The Gap Between Academics and Athletics
About us
The Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy is a rigorous post-graduate academic-athletic program for students who wish to continue their desire to earn a four-year scholarship at an accredited four year college.

The mission of Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy's Post-Graduate sports program is to provide young men and women the opportunity to continue their education and to obtain a college degree, while participating in collegiate sports.

The program pushes students in practice, tests their character and leadership abilities, and gets them committed to their education. Georgia Prep Sports Academy staff is dedicated to work towards realizing your child's dreams by teaching them self-discipline, hard work, and commitment to their goals.

Tennessee Valley Prep Sports Academy's programs are not the simple route, many families choose this path to success in order to get stronger college qualifications and the opportunity to push their athletic skills to the limit.